Pandora Rebirth + OP Carry Case - Australia


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Oct 26, 2009
Hi, I'm selling an OP - Rebirth. Prefer someone in Australia. $350. I don't want to ebay this, so I thought I'd pop in here. I am selling as I have two. Rebirth in black and a 1ghz in silver. I will update with pics in a few minutes. The only issue, I do not have the original charger, I am using a Kodak charger. The unit that came with it was a US version and I never used it and it's been misplaced. Selling unit only: Boxed :) No SD. I will setup and have it ready and waiting!
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All the fun stuff is done while I'm at work... Best time to play.
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Any chance you could add a photo with your name ("kingoddball") visible on a scrap of paper?

It makes it harder for crooks to use other people's photos. :)

I will upload an image at home.

The wrist PC -

I found a box of these at work and got excited!

Old and unused.

Only the Rebirth/black is for sale.
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Can't be that bad. Pandora with my name, TextEdit with my name, my thread and my account logged in.... Seems good to me.

If this is not wanted on here I will probably eBay it. Would rather avoid eBay.
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What are the shipping costs to Germany? Is the Pandora in a good condition?