Pandora name and logo usage rules?


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Mar 17, 2009
First of all, let me say that I don't really know which person to target this post at. I assume it is either Craig or Ed, but in any case this topic should by replied to by whatever people are responsible for the matter.

Apparently there aren't really any fixed rules on the usage of the OpenPandora companies' trademarks (other than 'Well, yeah, you can use the Pandora logo in your own projects for Pandora.'). It would be much better if there was an official set of rules which more explicitly state what is and what isn't allowed in terms of usage of the OpenPanodra companies' trademarks (in particular, but if feasible not limited to, the Pandora logo). What I'm thinking about is something similar to the Trademark rules of the Raspberry Pi.

The reason I'm asking for such rules now is that one of the graphics from the CC BY-SA 3.0 licensed guihints packages has a pandora logo etched onto it (yes, the graphic depicting the Pandora button). Since I also want there to be a (yet to be published) guide on how to use guihints, I would like to be able to provide information regarding allowed usage of that logo (more precise: the guihint with the Pandora's logo in it), so that people who use guihints will know what they are *not* supposed to do with that logo/guihint.
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It would be quite ironic if the OPT would enforce a very closed policy on the use of the Pandora logo. I can't really imagine anyone doing something wrong with the Pandora button guihint.