Pandora for new Adventure by T Schafer & R Gilbert ?


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Sep 24, 2008
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Let's start:

several days ago i found in a german Gamesmagazine (Computerbild Spiele 4/7.3.2012) an article about
Tim Schafer planning to create a new Adventure together with Ron Gilbert.
The old-school adventure fans of you will recognize those names. I only say Maniac Mansion or secret of Monkey Island.

Ok back to topic:

Since TS (Tim Schafer) don't get any support from Publishers because they say Adventure games are dead,
he started a community based fund raising on Kickstarter
His goal were 400k Dollar and he said he would program together with Ron Gilbert an oldschool Adventure game if he would get that amount of cash.


It will run for another roughly 48hrs (somewhen on tuesday)

He said he would transfer the games with every extra dollar to diffrent platforms, more music etc.

So here is where my idea popped up.

If Evildragon or some other representive of Openpandora would get in contact with TS to get this game maybe for the Pandora, wouldn't
this be a great idea ? Two community based projects would cooperate to create a product that the community wants !

I think this sounds fantastic and for everybody else: If you are intressted in a new game like this, for a pledge of just 15$ you will
receive a free digital copy of the game, you help once more to prove the power of the community.

Just for the Info: i allready own a Pandora from the first US batch and i also pledged a 110$ (89€) for this i will receive
a cardboxed Version of the Game and some more. Have a look yourself.

I think it sounds great and the chance to get a game from a profesional Gamestudio done for the Pandora could also be a step into the right direction.

So please forgive my poor english (i am native german) and you can keep all the mistakes you might find ;)
I wanted to post this in english, so maybe somebody can post this or a link on the english forum as well (Didn't find it Sorry)


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Mar 7, 2009
Wenn das Spiel für die Pandora erscheint werde ich es mir auf jeden Fall kaufen. Sicher nicht der profitabelste Port, aber hey, Pandorianer sind letztlich genau die Zielgruppe für Adventures der alten Schule. :yes:

Hier übrigens das ursprüngliche Thema aus dem OT-Bereich:


Gnarf, da will man dem Projekt was Gutes tun und dann nehmen die nur Kreditkarten. :dash: Gibt's hier wen, der eine Kreditkarte hat und bereit ist mir die Special Edition zu bestellen? Das Geld würde ich dann überweisen.