Pandora 2012 and beyond!


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Oct 8, 2005
For the people who already have a Pandora or for people who are planning to get one/receive one...What are your plans for your Pandora next year (2012)?

The port of a cherished cRPG from my childhood.I intend to implement natively, barring any practical impediments. All in all it should be a lovely journey. :)
Hopefully get PD-Extended running with a twinview(-ish) tv-out and then use it as a VJ-device.
I want to give my portable pc (athlon II x2) to my mother (she has a pentium 3) and I will buy a desktop pc to play windows games and make a SERIOUS linux dualboot, so I can use Pandora like a portable extension of my (future) pc.

And I don't like very much playing old console games on pc, so the Pandora is the way !!
I was hoping to monitor my observations with the 100m telescope in Effelsberg on the Pandora, but I will probably not have it in time (and the small screen may be a problem here, but I wanted to at least try it anyway).

That's the only really exciting thing I had planned though. But I want to do as much as possible with it, to see to what extend I can replace my laptop/desktop pc, mp3-player and other devices with it.
I eagerly await Uae ex from streak.Theres too many problems with the current amiga emulator.
just ordered a projector with svideo input, hoping to play 8bit games at 120 inches
just ordered a projector with svideo input, hoping to play 8bit games at 120 inches
*pulls out calculator*

256 x 224 (240 for pal) times 120 inches

**clack clack clack*

carry the 1...

** meaningless button pushing **

.... each pixel would be approximately the size of your head!
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Well since I ordered Oct 2008 my hope is to actually receive a Pandora in 2012. I haven't actually thought about what I will do with it for several years. :)
Playing mega cd,neo geo,n64 on 120inches will be awesome and see bigger screen than cinema.

I think cinema screen is about 75inches.
I'm going to play music on it, because I've been building and rebuilding this damn music player app since I first saw the Pandora.

The first version started with a Qt GUI and Phonon decoding / playback, then I added XLib for hotkeys, and it was all downhill from there.

The second version starts with GStreamer decoding / playback, LGob Lua bindings, and I have no clue where I'm going, but that attitude has treated me pretty well so far.
Honestly, I'm not sure what I'll use it for now. New phone took up most of the jobs I wanted my Pandora to do. Portable emulation hasn't been all that great, tho, so I may have it take that responsibility, along with possibly running some homebrewed game prototypes. Mostly I hope to use it for netbook-like duties.