pandian - MARK3 - beta

First of all: Thank you :)
After a complete reflash of My Pandy to SuperZaxxon 1.75 on my 1Ghz system I can boot from SD-card again.

As locales, I choose EN_GB_UTF-8, EN_US_UTF-8, NL_NL_UTF-8 and JA_JP_UTF-8, with EN_GB_UTF-8 as my main locale.
I setup my normal user and my root user (why doesn't setup double check the user and root password is beyond me. This is the first Linux installation I've ever encountered (going back to RH 5.2 and SuSE 6.0) that did not ask the user to confirm his or her root password before setting it...
Anyhow, after letting the resize script do it's thing, I can login to my normal user, but somehow I cannot authenticate as root by using either su - from the default sakura terminal or when trying xterm-root.
This happened twice to me already. My chosen password does not use any special characters and I know I haven't made any typos while entering my root password.
I can rule out auto-repeat, since the number of shown dots during entry equals my chosen root password.

Does anyone know how to fix that? Using Debian without root access won't let me install anything or update the system.
[doublepost=1473641381,1473638687][/doublepost]I just found out why: even though I'm using EN_US_UTF-8 as my default locale, the system has switched the y and z keys. as if I'm using a German keyboard! Mind you, this only happens in the installer, after rebooting Mildly annoying, but after entering it like I was on a German keyboard, everything was OK. After that I have reset my password using the correct locale.and I can access everything again. After starting the wifi for the /etc/init.d I can finally get somewhere and install al the networking tools I need for the course I am following. Thanks again Slackshadow, this is much more convenient than to start vanilla Debian and having to tweak everything from scratch!
Glad you sorted it out. My system still boots up with a german keyboard layout and I have not managed to figure out how to change the default. Any pointers?

I also would like to have the system automatically mount my second SD card as /home but, again, I've not figured out how to do this so suggestions here would be most welcome (I'm au fait with /etc/init.d but not systemd unfortunately).

I installed it onto my 128GB SD card yesterday, but after doing a full upgrade (apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade), it just boots into a black screen with a mouse pointer and nothing else. I would love to fix it myself, but i have no idea on how to access tty1-6, since pressing Ctrl+Alt+Fn+1-6 does nothing. I know there's chroot, but i don't really know how i would do that in this scenario (maybe chroot from SuperZaxxon? Or another Pandian install? Probably the latter). Thinking about installing MARK2. Maybe i should learn and work on it myself, since i would also like to have a minimal MARK3 using an ext4 partition, now that it's supported by u-boot.
Hey first thanks for the greate work on pandian mark 3.
But I have a litle problem on it: My sound is not working.
I try it with vlc and with aplay. But I cant hear anything.
It is a fresh instalation, QasMixer is full set and in Zaxxon the Sound works.

Any advise how I can get it to work?
Did anybody ever get bluetooth working? Internal preferred. I'm assuming it's like internal Wifi, and it'll come on when I modprobe in the
right drivers. Which are...? TIA.

Update... using Zaxxon scripts op_bluetooth{_work}.sh, I can cause an hci0 to come
into existence, turn on the bluetooth LED, and so forth. But "hciconfig hci0 up" just
gets a timeout. I had to copy firmware/brf3600.bin from Zaxxon as well, and symlink
/lib/firmware to /etc/firmware, and it *says* it downloaded the firmware successfully.
But it's kinda acting like the device is dead on the other side of that serial connection?
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Interesting. Perhaps our kernel (fairly old at this point) has skewed far enough for our up-to-date Jessie userland.
I know stackshadow had problems with newer kernels not starting, but never got a console cable so couldn't
do much debug.
Trying to upgrade some packages, aptitude tells me that is not available. Anybody know if the repository has been removed? Thanks.
Trying to upgrade some packages, aptitude tells me that is not available. Anybody know if the repository has been removed? Thanks.
Have you tried today?, Yesterday there seemed to be some kind server issues.
Is pandian suitable for daily use? I see mentions of wifi not working etc. Is there somewhere I can see a table of what works and what doesnt?

I would love to be able to use my pandora more like a traditional linux desktop but I haven't looked at pandian in a while.
I think pandian is indeed suitable for daily use. I use it quite a bit, especially when travelling. I do not use any other OS on my Pandora. Zaxxon did not have the packages I need, specifically ratpoison (window manager), unison (file synchronisation) and emacs (for everything else basically including email, writing, web browsing, time management, ...).

From the point of hardware, everything I need works: stylus, sound, wifi. However, I did stop upgrading OS related packages since the debacle mentioned earlier in this thread about wifi being lost. I do upgrade all application packages as desired, however.

Best thing for me is that I use debian on all of my other systems (work, home, laptop) and therefore having Debian on the Pandora makes transition easy.