Outcast (castaway Module) - First Public Alpha


Internal Development
Mar 11, 2003
Get it here:

I'll upload to the archive when it goes to say beta ;)

Screenshot here:
(anyone can make a better picture of Xenon 2? ;)

This is the first alpha, but folks seem interested so I hope you enjoy! The emulator core should be quite playable, but the system lacks a lot of interfacing so your mileage may vary.

o Savestates aren't stable (they don't save in the right places)
o Menus blink while being used (but mostly work fine)
o Sound is screwy (emu runs too fast ;)
o No throttling (may run too fast ;)
o No virtual keyboard (so hard to fire up most games..)

That said..
o The emu runs _fast_! At 200Mz (default, no options to change it yet but you can use the clock setter tool until I add it) it runs full speed or too fast most of the time, at frameskip 0; math heavy games will run slower.
o ST Games Database lookups aren't cached, but work fine and individual lookups are fast
o For games where the UI gets you into it, they should run great
o The disk picker works; it'll show the disk images in /roms/atari-st and let you pick whiches ones are in which drives

Remember.. you need a TOS.ROM file, in /roms/atari-st!

To get you into a few games, I've hacked up some keys..

Y is both 'spacebar' and '1'
X is fire button on joystick
A is left mouse click
B is right mouse click
Joystick is both mouse push and joystick

You will note that you can fire up Xenon 2 no problem with these keys; you can probably fire up a bunch of other stuff, too ;)

So, enjoy portable Xenon 2, imperfect as it is.

Rest assurred I'll bust out another release, 002, in a day or two; Wednesday I'm busy, so maybe tomorrow .. or maybe Thursday.

But this should get you a great taste!

Great, cool this is comming along so quickly. This may be one of the best emus along side MAME, DrMD, Frodo, Atari400/800 eventually.

Mighty taco?
Jeff - you rock, I just lost a bunch of sleep because of you and OutcaST, there is definitely going to be some donation action headed your way :D
Great, now I don't have to play Xenon2 on the Ngage anymore! at last a screen to do it justice, Megablast! now I might get past the first level.

Very nice, just played a few games at full speed. Sound is a little on the soft side but it is there. :)

Vroom was a little slower but I assume because of the 3D.

An excellent first release/beta.
Thank you so much, skeezix!!!

I just played Stunt Car racer full speed.  Woohoo!   :D
Really? Wow! It means I'll have stop playing the C64 version of Stunt Car Racer (great version, btw) and play the Atari ST one instead...

stunt car racer freaks (as I am): check out the latest issue of the British GamesTM magazine. There are two pages on this game and an additonal interview with its creator. But do not ask me for a scan, I do not have a scanner, but maybe somebody else?
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All I have to say is:

excuse the ignorance, but what is this? i presume it's some sort of emulator, but for what system? dont believe i've ever heard of an outcast or anything..maybe i should google..nah, too lazy
Absoloutely great! Amazing work and I'm sure this'll become my GP2X favourite :D

Coming home and finding this has indeed made my day! Also nice to see an emu needing to run slower - a bit different from the norm ;)

Just to confirm, ZIP files do work perfectly :)

One thing I noticed (I'm sure you're either already aware or I screwed something up ;) ) Quitting castaway doesn't seem to reload the menu (Gp2x gets stuck)

Other than that, it's looking and working great! A dream come true (literally).
Noticed Skeezix release at work. Came home, put outcast on the sd card switched on the gp2x, it booted the buggyboy.zip file and there it was - Atari ST's incarnation of Buggy Boy fully playable! Amazing !