OSX-dev? Got experience with SDL? I need halp! [libDarnit]


Apr 8, 2010
~Stockholm, Sweden
My general purpose (and hopefully) gamedev library is taking shape and is getting closer to its first stable release. There is one thing I miss however; support for MacOSX. There's three things I'll need help with.

1. Adjusting the makefiles to include a OSX-target.

2. Re-implement SDL's main()-function in the library (should be all that needs to be done code-wise.)

3. Building framework packages for future releases.

Point 2 is only needed as my library is actually runned as a library, which means SDL's first init-code is not included nor runned as it normally would have. Worth noting: I do not own a working Mac with OSX, and I have no access to one either.)


libSDL (only SDL, none of the SDL_tts, SDL_mixer etc.)

OpenGL (or OpenGL|ES 1.1 with EGL and X11)


Everything else is included in the source tree. all other code should already be OSX-compatible (runs on both linux (desktop and pandora) and windows atm, so there shouldn't be anything linux-specific in there.)

testapp is included, and it should run with music playing and without crashing if the port is successful.

Source tree can be found here.

PS. If there's anyone who wants to port it to GPH Caanoo (or later, GCW Zero,) feel free to fork it and add build-targets (+ some code to populate the platform-struct,) since there's nothing that I'm aware of that would prevent a port to those platforms.