Firmware 2.0 And Osx 10.4.6 Samba Mounts ...


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Oct 21, 2005
vienna, austria
okay so after a fair bit of futzing around with it, i finally got the USB-Network+SAMBA sharing working on my GP2X with Firmware 2.0, connected to my OSX 1.04.6 machine (powerbook/G4) .. alas, the good news is that it works, the bad news is that its not so simple as it is for you Windows people ...

first of all, set up the GP2X for SAMBA shares, as per .. well .. all the notes on how to do it .. with the 'new' bug-fixed g_ether.o on your GP2X, etc.

then your OSX machine will get a new ethernet port in the Network Preferences pane, and it will probably be called something like, as it is on my machine, Ethernet Adapter (en11) .. unfortunately, you will have to double-check that your net-prefs pane has this ethernet adapter set up properly every time you unplug the gp2x and reconnect it over USB .. don't know how to fix that, but anyway .. moving on ..

OSX box []
--> GP2X []

okay, so you can telnet to the gp2x, you can see its little webserver, you can even connect over FTP .. but when you try to do Apple-K in Finder (Go->Connect To Server), and type in the GP2X address (\\, you will get a "CIFS" connect dialog which prompts you for workgroup, user name and password .. enter nothing for user name and password (as you should be able to do), and you will then get the message:

The Finder cannot complete the operation because some of the data in smb://........ could not be read or written. (Error code -36).

this blows!

here is the fix:

it turns out that the GP2X doesn't do encrypted SAMBA passwords, and OSX by default will reject a connection with any samba server that doesn't encrypt passwords, so you have to use the details in the link above to tell your OSX system not to worry and use unecrypted (plaintext) passwords anyway - even though there is no password required to connect to your GP2X' Samba share over the USB-Net connection .. grr ..

but if you do that little step, you can then connect just fine to your GP2X over SAMBA, as if it were a happy little Windows box ..

WARNING: doing the above fix will mean that your OSX machine will *always* allow un-encrypted 'plaintext' passwords to be sent around your network, so if you don't like this, don't try to use OSX+GP2X/Samba-mode together .. use the USB gadget disk driver method instead ..

anyway, thought you OSX GP2X'ers might like to know all this ..
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