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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Ortho Robot, by Stabyourself


This is a puzzle game, where you have to rotate the view to make your little robot get to the green zone.

This game use glshim, and use Löve 0.8.0. This version is compiled with LuaJIT, for more speed, and I finally fixed the mouse issue I had for games that open screen size > Pandora screen (this one wants a 1024x768 screen).

History log


Build 01


  • Initial build
  • Löve use LuaJIT

Also, note that this is my 150th package on the repo  B)
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I don't have the stats, but I think if take by size, at least half on the gigabyte on the repo comes from me ;)
Is there a c4a competition for how many PNDs one did release?
There was once a (friendly) competition between mcobit and I. I lost ;)
Well, it mostly relates to free time. No time to start big projects.

EDIT: Never saw that as competition as you helped me a lot.
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This is a lovely game, and it plays great on the Pandora. Using touchscreen and DPad makes it feel like it was made for it. :) Too bad it only has 16 levels :(

The ESC-Menu (while playing a level) seems half-broken, I can only read the "Back to Game" line, the other options are not visible (I can only see them while the menu unfolds). Selecting e.g. "Back to Menu" does work if you aim right, though. Maybe it's related to the graphics driver, not even sure which one I'm using atm, probably 4.10