On the Pyra, is the Fn-shifted layer translated in hardware?


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Feb 4, 2017
I noticed that on the older versions of the keyboard the "Fn" key is labelled "Meta". This made me wonder if the Fn-shifted keys are translated in hardware (like the Fn-shifted keys on a typical laptop) or if they send modifier down, unshifted key, modifier up, for translation by the OS.

For example, I see that the semicolon ( ; ) is entered with "Fn-," -- a Fn-shifted comma. Does the Pyra translate this so that the scancode for ";" is sent? Or does the Pyra send the scancode for "," preceded by meta down and followed by meta up?

The information in the Pyra wiki isn't very detailed (and is a little out of date).
Hmm... That being the case, where are the settings that make the keyboard work in a console / virtual terminal (i.e. without X-Windows running)? (My searching skill has failed me here; it's much easier on a running system.)

Meanwhile, I found the .Xmodmap file that makes the keyboard work in X, and that raised some questions. [I'm looking at the two most recent OS images at http://packages.pyra-handheld.com/rootfs/stretch/; both have an /etc/skel/.Xmodmap dating from 2017-04-01.].

There are some lines that don't seem to correspond to any key on the Pyra keyboard:

keycode 47 = semicolon colon semicolon colon
keycode 49 = grave asciitilde grave asciitilde
keycode 51 = backslash bar backslash bar
keycode 66 = Caps_Lock NoSymbol Caps_Lock​

; what are these for? Are they just leftover lines from another file used as a template that someone forgot to delete?