Ok I Will Offer 40Gbp For A Gp32 With Ship Incl.


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Apr 19, 2008
CANADA, Montreal
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' ok i will offer 40gbp for a gp32 with shipping included instead of 28bgp or 65$ CAN OR 60$ US '

im interested to buy a gp32 NLU or FLU with a 128 mb card. ( if you only have a 64mb or 32mb my price is 35 gbp or 32gbp instead of 40gbp )NLU = no light edition.

the screen can be scratched i dont care, because i remove the plastic screen. i want one to play outside in sun.

my best offer is in the title, i can pay in gbp US or CA (canadian$)My price is INCLUDING shipping cost to canada,montreal h2g2t4. shipped with a cheap airmail shipping method.

BUT the gp32 has to be fully functional. and with a Firmware READY FOR HOMEBREW , the europeen firmware is ok too.

thanks my email is renejr902@hotmail.com

you can PM me, but i dont look my pm messages often, its better to send me a email.


EDIT : i could be interested to buy a broken one for a low price, but i have to know what the problem is.
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I have a black edition GP32 NLU for sale in box. Overclocks to 256Mhz. Very rare. Not painted, actually has a black shell from Gamepark.

Asking $100 USD + shipping. You would be one of maybe 2 other people in this community with special edition GP32s. Reesy and Evildragon are the others.
thanks a lot for your offer. it was tempting.

But finally i got a gp32 with a 128mb smc for 40gbp shipping included.

otherwise i would have buy yours.