Official Tapwave Zodiac Thread

DisgruntleElf said:
Why not give Linux a shot? Linux for Palm Os devices. Give your Zodiac a new lease on life.

It would be great! XD
Tapwave had a linux but it got lost.
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I noticed that as well last week. Looks like the forums were finally shut down. But I read that this was going to happen and that a new forum was going up but not so much geared toward the Zodiac. Unfortunately there was no mention as to when that would happen exactly.
Well. My tapwave's speakers don't work for sound only for alarms.
Does somebody know how to fix this? :)
Hi there!
is anyone still whatching this thread? I was wondering if I could count on a few zodiac affictionados to help me with unerthing a few games and preserving them. I'm especially interested in galactic realms (and the rare update) and it's add on rebel assault along with a rare one called plazmoids I think?
In return I can offer vorum fighter.
Anyone interested feel free to share your advice.
best regards.
All utilities for Palmos from Dimitry are now freeware.

PowerSDHC    PowerDrive    BluePill    DynaClock    PowerDiGi    UnCache    UDMH    warpSpeed    nuRom
WarpSpeed is an overclocking/underclocking utility.
UDMH is a unlimited dynamic memory hack. Useful for some emulators that need more dynamic memory greater than  Zodiac's 10 MB.
PowerDiGi fixes a very common problem with Palm devices with 320x480 screens - digitizer drift.
Unfortunately PowerSDHC(to support up to 32GB SD cards) doesn't work with Zodiac. :(
You need a key from
Wow, this is the only active Tapwave thread I could find on the net now that Tapland and the Emuholic Boards are both closed!  Any members here that were active at Tapland?  Maybe we can start having some active Tapwave discussions?
I did send Starlord the Plazmoids and Vorum Fighter files but I don't have the rebel assualt. 
Xmoon- I sent Scott the administrator at Tapland various e-mails so see what is going on and if the new forum he mentioned is forthcoming.  I never heard from him so I assume the Tapland forum is gone for good.  I really liked that forum and it had loads of information that now looks like is lost.
Last month I just completed my Tapwave collection and I now have at least one of all known Tapwave specific accessories and units except maybe a few packaging variations.  It took me about 2 years to complete and my last items were a Panache stylus and Proporta Aluminum case.  I am missing a few of the digitally downloaded games but otherwise I am complete.
Grabbed my Zodiac out of mothballs this week.  Very disappointed that there is now very little online for it.  Always used to use Zodiacgamer as a great source of information, and I occasionally posted on Tapland until not long before it closed.  Very grateful that Zodiac France is still going, and there is the openhandhelds software archive!
I've had my Zodiac for 9 years and it is still working fairly well.  I'm on my fourth battery, the rubber clips to hold the stylus have fallen off, the shoulder triggers are slowly disintegrating and its covered in dents and scratches but it still works perfectly.
I managed to source 2 x 4GB non-SDHC cards a few years ago, however I find they crash a lot when running software from them. Still good for music though.  I've got 1 full of music and a 1GB card for games and ebooks. 
Nice to hear that there are more Tapwavers out there still.  I too am very disappointed in the lack of Zodiac discussion on the Net.  Looks like your Zod is well loved but still kicking.  This device really was ahead of its time and it is a shame so few knew about it 10 years ago.  I still game with mine here and again and am still on the lookout in case I see a good deal or some accessory I don't have although I am pretty sure I have everything Tapwave (except the giveaway T-Shirt). 
My Tapwave collection now consists of the following 8 different Zods-
Boxed and complete 32mb 1st ed
Boxed and complete 128mb 1st ed
32mb Fueled (British version)
Boxed and complete 128mb Fueled (British version)
Boxed and complete 128mb 1st ed (version in blue box with slightly different packaging for accessories)
128mb 1st ed (Preview version w/ software SD card)
128 mb Demo version that only displays demonstration loop
128 mb 1st ed (older software version)
I also have dozens of Tapwave and 3rd party accessories, cases, stylus, etc so I am pretty happy I can "preserve" all this for the future.