nubs problem on dosbox


Jan 19, 2014
i didnt find any recent topic on this, so i create a new one: im having troubles with most games in dosbox using the nubs as mouse. whenever i click somewhere, the mouse will jump. are there any solutions for this?

edit: as an example, i tried master of orion 2 (mouse jumps in dosbox), i would actually prefer even to use the pen in this game but getting nubs to work properly would be already enough for me. i tried qemu, but the game simply hangs when i try to start it (tried FreeDos and DRDos so far, maybe i should try MSDos?)

another problematic game was Command & Conquer 1 in dosbox (same problem ,mouse jumps when i click somewhere using nubs only) but this one works fine in qemu
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hmm, it works when i set mouse mode to nubs and experimental version (dosbox ultimate)