Lure of the Temptress UAE mapping?

Jul 30, 2008
Gdansk, Poland
Hi, I tried running Lure of the Temptress in amiga emulator. It loads fine, and seems to work, but I am unable to play the game - I cannot get the mouse/joystick/whatever mapping to be right.

- tapping with stylus always clicks in unexpected place, and cannot right-click

- arrows/fire aren't working

- nubs can move mouse pointer around, but clicking isn't working.

In X I have mapped LR buttons to be left/right mouse buttons, can this be a problem?

Can you try the game and share some ideas?

BTW, when running it, remember to load with bootdisk in DF0, then put disks A,B,C in DF0: to DF2: when disk A is requested.
Unfortunately I don't have a solution to this. But, if everything else fails, you can always grab a .PND of ScummVM (on the File Archive) and play the game via that way. I can confirm that the game works flawlessly and that it's also freely downloadable via the official website of ScummVM.
I just can't understand if I am the only one who does have problems with the touchscreen in scummvm with this game... when I click on one point is like I clicked in the last spot the pointer was before the click... the only way to play for me is using the touchscreen in "hovering" mode, and then I use the buttons to click, but it is so uneasy to play this way...