Dosbox Mouse Issues


Still Fresh
Jun 1, 2010
I've tried playing Syndicate and when I try and click something using the nubs, the pointer jumps above or below what I'm trying to click on. It's really odd. I expect the touchscreen to have issues, but am unsure what I can check with the nubs. I get the same behavior in many games and even using an external mouse. Even stranger, the winbox.pnd for win3.1 doesn't do this. Any ideas as to what it could be ?

I sometimes get this issue when I'm trying to use the stylus... Coincidently, I was trying to play Syndicate in dosbox just the other day and I didn't notice any nub issues.

I did however have major speed issues. The game was running at like 10fps, very laggy. How was it running for you?

p.s did you try calibrating your nubs at all? Sorry I can't be more help.
Overclocked at 800mMhz and Syndicate runs fine.

It's really odd as the nubs behave fine in everything else except Dosbox.
Yeah, it´s jumpy even when you attach an USB mouse but having action buttons mapped as Left & Right click seems to fix the issue :)