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    Non Session Manager


    The Non Session Manager is an API and an implementation for session management in the context of Linux Audio. NSM clients use a well-specified OSC protocol to communicate with the session management daemon.

    - Initial release. Needs QjackCtl.
    - Included Non-Mixer, Non-Timeline and Non-Sequencer.
    - Fix support for flac and ogg, thx to debian ARM libs.
    - Added Steve Harris LADSPA plugins.
    - Added ZynAddSubFX synth, zita-at1, zita-rev1 with support for NSM.
    - Previews updated.
    - Added Jack Time Machine.
    - Optimized ntk libs.
    - Fixed little mistake with sndfile lib, sorry...
    - Added Guitarix ladspa plugins.
    - Added QmidiArp.
    - Removed Jack Timemachine.
    - Compiled with jack latency support and new Jack lib.
    - Updated to latest git sources, mostly fixes.
    - Updated libs.
    - Added AlsaModularSynth.
    - AMS and Qmidiarp compiled with new QT 4.8.6 version.
    - Zynaddsubfx compiled with fltk.
    - Updated LADSPA plugins: Guitarix 0.32.1 and CAPS 0.9.24.
    - Updated Non to latest git version.
    - Updated ZynAddSubFX 2.5.2 and Qmidiarp 0.6.3. Removed AMS.
    - Updated libs, compatible with latest QjackCtl PND.

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