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Jun 1, 2004

Guitarix is a simple mono amplifier to be used in a 'JACKified'
environment, i.e. a system using the JACK Audio Connection Kit, a
professionally-capable audio/MIDI server and master transport control,
available here:


Guitarix provides one JACK input port and two JACK output ports. It is
designed to produce nice trash/metal/rock/blues guitar sounds. Controls
for bass, treble, gain, compressor, tube selector, distortion, flanger,
freeverb, crybaby (wah) and . . . . are available.

- Initial release.
- Sources included in src folder.
- Latest beta release.
- Updated to latest beta version.
- Fixed LADSPA/LV2 list not showing.
- New feature: Support for external LV2 plugins.
- Added CAPS, TAP, SWH and MOD-Utilities LV2 plugins.
- Latest beta version.
- Compatible with 1.62RC, except svg images not loading.
- Updated to latest beta version.
- This release fixes some bugs. It adds new tuning scales (19- and 31-TET) to guitarix and Gxtuner.lv2 and also includes a new LV2 plugin, GxMultiBandReverb.
- Bug-fix release 0.32.1 is out, update is recommended!!
- This release fix a long outstanding issue with LADSPA/LV2 plugin load/unload and UI modification.
- Latest beta release.
- Updated libs, compatible with latest QjackCtl PND.
- Latest beta release.
- Fixed Guitarix not starting by removing guitarix config folder from PND...
- Updated libs and sources.
- Latest beta release.
- Updated libs and sources.


Warning: This program needs QjackCtl PND downloaded and running and a USB audio device to connect your guitar.
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