Nintendo 3DS

I miss my 3DS, and they cost more than Switches these days. Would it be wrong to download Citra and play an Etrian Odyssey game? Note that a person at Atlus speaking to Famitsu in July did say they still plan to continue the Etrian Odyssey series, but they haven't even specified a platform yet. I think any new Etrian Odyssey would have to be fundamentally different from the old ones, not only to keep the series fresh, but because map drawing doesn't work with one screen, especially if that screen is your TV.
I have my 2DSXL in the same Carry Case as the Switch, I played a bit whit the Korg DS12 App on it but it’s a bit slow on the menue currently, I don’t know why.. or it was slow the whole time but I didn’t notice and whit the faster switch it’s gets noticed..
Yeah, the 3DS was a great handheld at the time. I'm not sure 3D pictures ever met up with the hype, especially after Nintendo released the 2DS and that proved it had no gameplay advantage, but if you still find them cool then all power to you, I guess. I'm not sure it's that much worse than competing consoles in terms of encryption, but at least it doesn't do anything funky with your sd card and you can back that up just fine.
I was just thinking, having a device with two screens was probably the most unnecessary innovation ever, but I’ll be darned if it wasn’t the optimum way to play Etrian Odyssey. That extra screen and that series may never come back, but at least I’ll always have the memories.

I’m actually wondering why they don’t continue Etrian Odyssey on mobile. The portrait screen and touch controls would be great for it. I think the main barrier is the business model. No Etrian Odyssey fan wants microtransactions, but paid mobile games tend to sell like fart flavored ice cream.
I was just thinking, having a device with two screens was probably the most unnecessary innovation ever
One screen for touch and the other for 3D. It was not unnecessary at all. With the DS one screen was for better graphics and the other was for touch, as touch capabilities make the screen output less beautiful.
That extra screen and that series may never come back, but at least I’ll always have the memories.
It never left. In fact, buying a DS has become very cheap. I could buy them here for €5 or less.
Im thinking about flashing one of my 3DS Handhelds whit a CFW (Luma) , as the 3DS Emulator got removed , also whit a CFW i could put my whole DS Folder on the SD Card and save a bit space ..
I only have to decide which 3DS Handheld i chose: I have this Blue Release 3DS whit the telescopic stylus, or should i go to the New 3DSXL, its got much bigger screens, and a bit more Power, and i have a big Batterie for it ..
I have now a better and half legit solution for my New 2DS X: I have now an totally legit DS Cardridge from Amazon Marketplace whit lots of garbage but at least enough good games, and it’s seems to work on the 2DS which surprises me as my old also totally legit DS Cardridge from the days you had to buy theme at shady places and have to source the games yourself, which did not work out for me back then as I did not understood how to make the .nds files work on actual hardware.. so I did end up using this for Homebrew Only did not work on the 3DS line..

only did a quick test yesterday, it’s appears on the Menue as a Atlus RPG, I wonder what the activity log will log..
Whit the help of the Pyra, because it’s seems like I did not copy all DS Games to the Win Mini, I finished today to change some of the garbage games that came whit this flashcard (style boutique, Dora the explorer… ) to the games I did prepare for Drastic on Pandora and Pyra…
so its now contains a few more good games and less garbage..
it’s nice that the Card got an Option to trim the Games, so you can save them, and it’s cheat option got even codes for the games that did not came whit the card..

the card works quite good, I was not expecting it’s works on 2DS XL ..
Im now testing to EDC the New 2DS XL, its quite lightweight (250gramm according to our 140 kg Scale) , works quite nice, and whit this flashcard i have lots of DS Games on the Go..
i did not count them though, i had to delete a good amounth, but now i have Trauma Center, Rune Factory, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 1 and 2, booth Jam Session Games, and lots of other good stuff
I will see how good this works, and who knows? Might be i get some Spotpass..
Found an 32gb Micro SD Card yesterday, so was able to merge the Homebrew from my OLD DS Flashcard (and some SNES/NES/Megadrive/Gamegear/GB/GBC Roms from the Win Mini/Pyra) to this "Completly Legitim DS Cardridge" .. and did test the Emulator Stuff also yesterday: Gameboy/ GBC and NES seems to work whitouth any issues, but when i try to use the Mastersystem/Gamegear Emulator pushing some buttons dosnt work sadly might be i have to deactivate the ABXY LR Reset Button Combi for the Emulators..
I will also look this weekend if i can get newer Versions of these Emulators on the Internet might be they are too old now.. (i had prepared this Old Cardridge around 2009)
This Giana Sisters DS Port (not the Official DS Game) is now also working and i did not test the C64 Emulator yet

The New 2DS XL works good whit this Cardridge, only issue might be that this Stylus is quite small so can get lost very easy, and the Screen is not that good in direct sunlight..
Got someone experiences whit this "GBA Runner" Emulator? It seems like it should work whitouth Ram Expansion, so my 2DS would be able to play every Game from Previous Nintendo Handhelds there are also these "3DS Embassor Games" where i think also a few GBA Games are included but they are just a few and i did not bought GBA Virtuall Console Games back then on the 3DS..
I have to copy some stuff from the Analoque Pocket SD Card to this Flashcard tomorrow as some Emulators only work whit unpacket Roms..

Emulation on the Win Mini is awesome but playing around whit this Low Level DS Stuff is also quite fun ^^
After the Weekend, now some more Results: GBARunner2 seems to work quite good, there are a few games that dosnt work according to the combability list, but its allready nice to have a few more GBA Games on this thing, i have allready i think 10 gba Games from the 3DS Ambassor Programm (because i bought the first 3DS at release) ..
I also did test the NeoGeo Emulator, it needs the games to be convertet whit an build in converter software but until now i did not had some succes .. NeoGeo Pocket and Pokemon Mini is running fine..
I also remember that i had C64 Running back then on the DS, but i did not test it yet..

I know there is this new Double Screen Emulator Device which should play 3DS, WiiU and DS but its Botton Screen seems to be much to small..

So i have now my New 2DSXL in my Pocket, its much lighter than the Pyra or the Pandora, and whit this Flashcard i have allready a good amount of games whit me, and a few 3DS Games i bought on the E-Shop back then like Mario Tennis or Senran Kagura 2
As these Cheap Flashcards tend to be some time bombs (allthough mine works still), i also did order this EC-Flash Paralel Card today, E-Bay whit Chiping from Spain as i didnt wanted it from China because of the Customs ..

I would suspect the only thing i need to do is to download the Firmware and extract it to my allready prepared 32 gb Micro SD Card? This would prevent me from the need to copy over the whole stuff from my now using Flashcard..