New Opensnes9Xgp Binary


Erm.... Woohoo!
Mar 31, 2004
Pittsburg, KS
This is one I think should have happened a long time ago. I've fixed SRAM saves on OpenSNES9xGP for the GP32!

I was just recently able to get the Reesy modified code for the emulator compiling on my PC, and as I was looking through the source, lo and behold the line that loads SRAM files when ROMS are loaded was commented out!

I uncommented it, recompiled, and tested. Now my SRAM saves work!

I posted the update on my site, here:"][/URL]

I would have posted it on the archive, but it hasn't been taking my OpenJazz Wiz update, so I doubt it'd take an update to OpenSNES9xGP, either.

Please note, I've done absolutely nothing about the emulator intro not loading. It's fine for me that it doesn't, as I thought it was a bit annoying anyway.

EDIT: .CO.CC domains apparently don't exist anymore. My site is still up on AwardSpace, but you can't get to it through the domain. I'm working on a solution.
EDIT 2: I got a new free domain through my hosting company.  All files are now available in relevant sections at:
Crap, I just realized my web host deleted my site without even telling me. I can't log in or anything, now.

I guess I'll have to find some other way to keep track of my files... I wonder if I had backed up the site? I think I had, but not recently.
OK, website and the file are back online, with a different host. I did lose some info (couldn't find my most recent back up, but I did find an old backup), but the fixed FXE was still on my SMC, so I added it back to the site from there.