new page looks early 2000s

I think the mini gaming computer approach is okay.

Gaming computers are generally thought of as powerful computers.

So it is implied that a mini computer capable of playing advanced games should be able to perform general computing tasks.

The gaming glitz will also attract people who like shiny things.
I think that's actually the 'classic' theme for either Vista or Win7. Which is even more appropriate, of course.
the design looks too early modern to be retro...

...that's also the first thing what came to my mind - and a bit overloaded. I know specs are important, the structure is (too) tidy and nevertheless the website is better than the prevoius one. Can't help but it could look a bit more fancy... less talk, more rock. The pandy with the vid is yummy.

I'd prefer the look&feel for the webiste shown in the pictures here:
Craig from the Youtube comments:

"The Pandora is a bit like an iPod for games :) "

I'd really seriously reconsider using that kind of language to describe Pandora given well, you know:
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huh, topic fail.  The new website is awesome on any day of the week.  Good stuff, craigix and gadgetoid.
If you really want a retro design, my Pandora site looks like something out of the dark ages of internet...
more laziness than design I guess ...'> ... heheh.
Not many customers on my site... maybe I need to use Wally's face:'>
Ever heard of webpress? Or Google sites? Ir iWeb? Or any preformatted html pagea that make qebsites look decent?
I think Dredd's page is perfectly fine, it's very readable has good amount of white space.

While I think the new page is a bit crowded, one should give who created it some credit for putting effort into something. It's easy to be a backseat designer.

Now i took a closer look to the website and have to say I like it. All information are there and it is clearly. But I'm no web designer only consumer so my opinion is irrelevant ;)
klapse, you can download each module and keep it up to date using git as it says in the README at bottom of src listing, either using git protocol, or http (not so good):

git clone git://<module-name>
git clone<module-name>/.git

There is a script to clone them all:

And also a list of where I got most of them:

msysgit is git for windows

I have collected more source code to add, but I am running out of disk on that little server.  I'll have to see about getting some more space.

If for some reason you abhor git, I can zip them for you, but I can't keep the zips there due to limited disk space.  I'm lazy to code a "zip-on-the-fly script", although it need only be a shell one-liner for .tar.gz ... guess I could do it...
I don't have git on my phone. I guess I can try to get it running but right now my repo is down. Think you could do the dynamic tgz?
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ok I made a script for the dynamic tgz:<module-name>


You could also use '.' for module name to get everything in the src folder, but that might take a while, so better do them one at a time.

Here's the CGI script:

cd /www/
echo "Content-type: application/x-gtar"
echo "Content-disposition: attachment; filename=$mod.tgz"
tar c ./$mod | gzip -c