Retro Research - Sega


Recovering Sega Addict
Nov 14, 2005
Worcester, MA
At the Evergreen State College, I've been asked to write a 15 page paper on one subject in the modern Asian cultural climate, and I've chosen to write about the rise and fall of SEGA. Does anyone have any links to a comprehensive retro console (or SEGA specific) web archive, or even better, a book?

Or even know someone 'in the know' who lives near the South Sound Washington who would be cool with an interview?

Thank you.
whoa, wikipedia says sega was founded by peeps that were american??!?!? kool, i never knew that.

wikipedia is an excellent source even for me to just read about sega. Thanks demonstar55 :)
Thanks for that, I totally just glazed over Wiki. Thanks for reminding me. Anyhting else though? I happened upon a book written in 1995 about SEGA's game development... It'll have quite a different perspective than we do now.

But I'm still looking for an interview, as I'm hoping that'll be a major part in my paper.
G4 TV has a cool show called icons that shows history of gaming they had an hour long show on sega there might be away to get that ep some where.
Thanks for that as well, Icons is probably the only reason G4 should exist. Unfortunately, filesharing is totally out of the question on the campus where I am, so unless someone here has it, I can't get my hands on it.

I just remembered about this thing called the 'internet' (crazy, I know), but I can interview people over the web, using email or what-not rather than metting someone face to face and using a tape recorder...