New Month - DigDug Still No Score [PROBLEM FIXED!!]


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Jan 16, 2012
Lizard Lick, North Carolina
OK.  New month, first time playing this month.

Deleted .nv file before playing.

Score not credited.

I got over 45,000 and should have first place, but again, I get robbed out of it, because this thing DOES NOT WORK.

I have no idea why in HELL it works for some people and not me.
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Well from what I've read, no one ever fixed the problem with this game.

Problems/bugs just don't disappear just because of a new month ;)
I PM'ed Skeezix about this...sharing what he posted back to me...


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Probably some buggy code in the thing I used to extract the data (not having time, I'm not writing them all myself.. instead leveraging a third party tool.)

If its really unreliable, we shoudl just drop DigDug ... discuss it in the forum, have b_o_b or someone let me know :)

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Asmo seems to have no issues (only the .nv file issue that everybody has) and the last time I checked my score was registered too after deleting the .nv file. 

Personally I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. If it works for you nice, if not then play another game. Maybe someone comes with a solution one day or when he has some more time Skeezix can dig a little deeper. 
Well, I like DigDug, and it REALLY ticks me off that I seem to be the only person having a problem!

I consistently get ripped off out of getting a high score designation.  I don't find it very fair.

After we get a faster sync, do you think it is possible the .nvram saves could get worked fix this problem, and open C4A to lots of other cool games which currently can't be done?

Here's my own thought on this...and I do not know if it could work or not...

What if...

C4A would create a file after reading the .hi file or the .nv file for score.

It would create it's own unique file that would stay there.

THEN...that file would be the file C4A would read to get scores.  This would also possibly enable offline play, your scores would sync when you go online.

Once the score would also delete the existing score file for that game.

This way, when a new file is created...the sync can happen next time someone gpoes online.

I am not sure how feasible or possible this is, as I know nothing about coding.

But it would seem to me that...if C4A would look for a specific file for the score...say a .c4a file which would be created as a read of the game's .hi or .nv file.

Then...that .c4a file stays put until the player goes on line and initiates a synch.

The synch reads these files and posts the scores...then deletes the .c4a file.

This way, the sync can sync ONLY those games with a .c4a file, thus speeding up the sync.

Of course, other people playing at other times, would sync their you still might have to sync all games anyway...agian, I don't know.

I hope some of this is possible, and maybe gives ideas to people who actually know what the heck they are doing.
Have you played it a second time to test if the .nv file still needs to be deleted before playing again?
Yes, Asmo.

It works now...AND I found the problem which caused it.

I had set custom controls on DigDug that were not the defaults.  If you do that...even if you set them back good.

I had to resort to completely re-creating my C4A appdata folder.

Then DigDug worked.  So I set my custom controls again...then it did not work.

So I recreated once again.  Now it works.

Most games, you can set custom controls...a different button to fire, etc.

But Digdug will give you nothing but misery if you do this.

If you change any of the default controls, dip switches, anything...DigDug will stop working in C4A.

So I have to suffer with the default button configuration on DigDug instead of what I prefer.
(as per other thread) You should be able to redefine your keys without issue, try doing it without using any 'save' option. Redefined keys should be retained, it works ok for me, see how you go.