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    Dec 12, 2013

    Here is Netrok ("Korten" spelled backwards).  It's an old Mario-esque game I played a couple times in my youth.  It seems all but forgotten at this point, but I still remember it, so I decided to port it.  It took some digging through the internet archive to find information about it, during which time I found that apparently the game and main character were originally named "Korten," thus the significance of that.  If you look close during certain animations you can even see a "K" on the hero's shirt.  If you feel up for some learnin' you should search the internet archive yourself, you might learn some interesting things.

    There were a couple of hiccups in the porting process, the first of which was the original author's decision to make a single one of the .wav files he used for sound effects mp3 compressed ("An mp3 formatted wav file?  Wtf?")  SDL_Mixer didn't like that, so I reformatted it at the horrifying cost of a couple Kbytes.  Then there was a bug in the collision detection that caused the game to segfault when the player fired themselves from the second cannon in the first level (but oddly enough not a single other cannon I could find).  I think I fixed that one.  The only other changes I made were keymapping.  Escape key quits, the rest are in the in game help.

    Timidity is required for music (you should get it anyway because midis are awesome).

    In future I may add c4a support.  The reception of this release will likely have an effect on my motivation to do so, so if you want to prove your stuff to your fellow Pandorans, make your voice heard.

    Also there is a map editor.  It overwrites the levels included with the game, so make sure you want your changes to be permanent.  I made the shell scripts that run the game and map editor reset the maps to default if you move or remove the file named "1" in appdata (corresponding to level 1), so keep that in mind.

    Hopefully that's everything you need to know.  Have fun!
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    Jul 8, 2010
    Wow  Had not thought of this game for years.   Looking forward to playing it again as soon as I can DL.  Thanks!!!
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    Love this game... I like the fact you can edit it.
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