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Sep 14, 2014
Riga, Latvia

I need to type in my language (Latvian) in Open Pandora. Currently the only idea to me would be installing windows 95 via dosbos, and customising keyboard layout, however, I believe this would not be the right idea.

Therefore here is my proposal - I offer 100 EUR (via Paypal) for the following layout with installation:

Symbol "Q" should be the deadkey for entering special symbols:

q + e - Unicode 275

q + E - Unicode 274

q + u - Unicode 363

q + U - Unicode 362

q + i - Unicode 299

q + I - Unicode 298

q + a - Unicode 257

q + A - Unicode 256

q + s - Unicode 353

q + S - Unicode 352

q + g - Unicode 291

q + G - Unicode 290

q + k - Unicode 311

q + K - Unicode 310

q + l - Unicode 316

q + L - Unicode 315

q + z - Unicode 382

q + Z - Unicode 381

q + c - Unicode 269

q + C - Unicode 268

q + n - Unicode 326

q + N - Unicode 325

I need either keyboard layout with installation, or memory resident program, which allows entering these special characters with "q" working as deadkey.
What you need is "xmodmap" and some file in the home directory of your Pandora. Called <something xmodmap something> or similar.

I think you should be able to look the rest up yourself.

Otherwise for 100€ I guess someone could even make you an installer .pnd...
If you run:

sudo opkg install xevyou can run a xev on the commandline, this will let you press any keys on the Pandora, and then the file you want to edit is ~/.pndmodmap
I'm not sure if you can make Q a deadkey (modifier), I'm not that familiar with xmodmap, but you could always alter some of the Fn shifted keys
All right, I guess I still need your help, because I have very little experience with Linux distributions, I am mostly Windows user for my needs. I have installed Windows 95 via Qemu, customised layout, it works, but something just does not feels right this way.

I know it will take a lot of time to understand keyboard layout settings on Pandora native system, and as we all know - time is money, and it will take a lot of time for me to create this customised layout.

My offer is still active, anyone who will create customised keyboard layout (q as deadkey is a must) for me with some sort of instructions for activating, will receive immediate payment of EUR 100 to a Paypal account.

Please, if someone has free time and knowledge, this work would be very much appreciated...
You forgot the q+o = ō, and q+r = ŗ, right? I will check if I can do this for you this evening.

EDIT: Here's the PND I made which switches layouts for you. Please test.



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