Need a help


May 13, 2010

As some of you already deduced from my nickname I am a Star Trek fan and USAopoly has recently released Klingon edition of their Monopoly, Unfortunately they don't ship outside USA so I can't order directly, You may wonder why is this edition so unique among outher Star Trek themed Monopoly games. Well, it's bilingual (english/klingon) and Marc Okrand was hired to work on the translation so a) it's certainly best quality and B) any new word introduced in this work is considered as "canonical" among klingonists.

What's the plan?

While USAopoly doesn't ship internationally they allow foreigners to buy providing they place an address within USA for delivery. So in the forst place i need someone's address so I can place an order and pay. When the game is delivered we settle costs for shipping, repackaging, lost time, used gasoline etc... and I transfer said amount (preferably paypal) so that person could send the game to me. I'm well aware Christmas are coming, postage delays are inevitable and people havemany additional things to do. I'm not in a hurry with this and most of Pandorans has already proven their patience (some are still proving).

What has it to do with Pandora anyway?

Actually nothing, but for all those months on both forums I've found Pandora community full of reasonable, helpful and trustworthy people.