Need A Better Card Reader


Dec 27, 2005
I bought one of those ADATA 2GB SD Cards which are the buzz around here along with this card reader

Problem is, it, at least in Linux, only wants to let me use 1GB of my 2GB. I can't partition any more of it with fdisk. This really sucks.

So what's a good card reader (preferrably cheap, that one didn't set me back TOO much) that is USB Mass Storage-compatible or runs under Linux and will support the full 2GB of my card? I'd prefer to be able to just go to a store because I'll be getting my GP2X possibly within the next few days and I'd want it fast...

I've used this one with both Linux and OSX, so I know it works. in case the link dies or whatever it's the Sandisk ImageMate 12-in-1 USB 2.0 Hi-speed Reader SDDR-89. I think I paid like 12 bucks for it, more than a few other were, but I Googled the cheaper ones I found on and couldn't find Linux support.

Apparently there's some talk of problems with my suggestion on the Ubuntu forums, so probably not... Scratch my idea. Looks like I'll be using windows to do transitions.
I grabbed this 12 in 1 from Sandisk:

It's pretty cheap, no problems with it at all except it also
doesn't like my case USB ports (slap it in the mobo usb
ports instead).

It has a small desktop footprint when it's in its frame and
it is detachable for when you need to visit a friend's house
(even comes with an extra usb cable for that).

Hope that helps :)
I think it's an issue with a lot of cheap SD card readers, I have a cheap internal one on my work PC and it will only format to 1 gb in Windows XP.