Nand Disk Space A Little Messed Up


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Apr 20, 2003

Ive been trying to add some new games to my Wiz nand drive. I was a little confused when it started telling me that I did not have enough disk space (only 44KB free) when there should have been plenty. So, I removed about 11MB worth of files (flash files) but then it tells me that there is only 4KB free .. needless to say it doesnt quite add up.

Anyway should I reformat my NAND disk? Im running Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop but never really formatted a drive before, if anyone knows the procedure please let me know but Im sure I can look that part up if need be. Would just like to know that if I just backup my files, format the drive somehow and then copy the files back over its gonna be sound. To my knowledge the OS etc doesnt sit on the NAND drive right?

HA! I just posted about this yesterday.

I run Windows and Linux (what can I say dude, some commercial apps are just more robust than opensource - eg. burning s/w).

Anyway, The NAND memory in the Wiz is supposed to be 1GB, but when new it was reporting 734 MB as a USB drive. So it looks like part of the 1 Gig is reserved for the OS, firmware, etc. Don't know if there is a BIOS chip in the Wiz, but if there is, I'd like to get in and take a look at the settings.

Read my post. I reformatted the NAND memory no problem (FAT32, btw). In Linux, you can use GParted. You should have that program as a GUI in Jaunty (I run Slackware).

You will lose all your games (even the built-in ones), so be sure you b/u all the folders 100% before you re-format.

Feel free to PM me if you have a question, or if you need help getting something to work. So far, I've gotten almost everything to work except for Amiga emu and running .flv files in the flash player (trying NOT to convert to MP4/.avi). Might have to though. . .
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there's no need to format by yourself. just patch with the latest firmware and all games and stuff will be back:,0,0,0,42,112