My screen has developed a fault - purple colours


i had same problem one year ago, fisrt batch pandora. I bought from evil dragon one of the "new" cables and made the repair by myself. everything worked like a charm


after one year I have the exact same problem. I am sure there is something wrong with the new cables also. now I have the purple screen again, so I wonder what should I do, to buy one cable every year?

I need an advice about this

Did we have the new cables a year ago? It sounds like you may have actually bought one of the old ones.

Yes... we got the first samples in April 2011.

So he got one of the first samples probably.

I replaced mine in June 2011 when I did my LCD and it has been flawless since; and I use my Pandora a ton. I'm sure that if you get one of the new ones in there you won't have a problem.

I didn't have any problem with the cable. I was just replacing the LCD and I figures since I was already in there I might as well do the cable.
thanks for the responses

anyway I ordered already from michael two cables (I want a backup :)

once michael receives the order the delivery is fast, so I will have the replacement soon
I just did this yesterday, and also got two lcd cables.

Word of warning, you'll note that the speakers come with the lcd cable. you'll see some paper on the speakers which cover the glue to glue the speakers in. Just be careful that you leave the sticky part on the speakers, I pulled them straight off one cable which also took half the fuzz covering the speakers so didn;t look as good (I just used the spare lcd cable)

Also, when attaching the lcd cable back into the pandora, make sure you spend some time making sure it's all the way in. First attempt I hadn't put it all the way in and it messed up the colours somewhat so I thought I had knackered the cable threading it through. Just make sure you push it in right. Apart from that no problems, just follow the video guide :)
Yes, I think I need to check my PMs for the last few months :/

The best thing to get things done fast is use the contact form of the DragonBox Shop :)