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Apr 13, 2010
Czech Republic - Jihomoravské kraj
Hey guys! This is my comparison of consoles i had/have.
Feel free to express opinions, or tell me which pros or cons should i add :)
The number in the bracket is console rating (as you could notice, there wasn't console good enough to get 100% - but i guess after some years i give this high rating to some console that will be able to handle AT LAST dos + n64 + psx + psp at decent speed.)

Gp2x Caanoo (75%), bought a month ago

+ pretty nice look
- no wifi
- very very bad emulator compatibility (especially Vice and OhBoy)
- no daylight-saving option
- vibrations and movement sensor can be utilized almost nowhere
- upgrading firmware can brick your machine :) )

Gp2x Wiz (95%), sold 1-2 years ago

+ AMOLED display
+ small, portable
- no wifi
- every fucking single fingerprint visible

Sony PSP (83%)

+ wifi
+ big display
+ 100% PSX emulation
+ slow, but N64 emulation
+ price
+ actually runs flawlessly all the psp games

- needs to be hacked
- too big (probably except PspGo)

*has all the same emulators as other portable handhelds has
**some emulators have "rewind" mode, that actually allows you to "travel back in time" - hilarious!
***there was even attempt to make DS emulator. I've tried it and it (5fps) worked :D

Nintendo DS (70%)

+ you need to be octopus to handle controls properly
+ there exist really many DS roms (if you know what i mean)

*only NES emulation runs properly (also GBA emu if you buy some accessories)


Sony Psp Go (95%)
+ wonderfully portable
*has all other advantages as psp has
here are the best and worst points of some of the handhelds i've owned recently..
(currently i own just the caanoo).

PSP slim2000
The Good: nice weight, good build quality, nice dpad & buttons, fantastic ps1 emulation, good speakers.
The Bad: not so great analog stick, blurry scrolling, not so great mame emulation, choppy snes emulation, short battery life.
Do i regret selling it? Yes if i'm honest. It was a nice handheld in a lot of ways.

The Good: nice simple design, nice dpad & buttons, overall emulation was pretty good.
The Bad: weak build quality, very small screen, lots of freezing/pin resets.
Do i regret selling it? No. I wasn't really impressed with it overall.

The Good: good build quality, classic look, nice weight, nice non-wide screen proportion, ok battery life, no tearing or blurry scrolling, good buttons and ok analog stick.
The Bad: not really being developed much, bad speaker placement, analog stick isn't suitable for all game types, hit & miss emulation.
Would i sell it? No i'm enjoying it. a lot of great games run fantastic. e.g. currently playing snes zelda LTTP which runs fullspeed and scrolls smooth without blur or tearing. mega fun!