My Gp2x Is Now An Essential Part Of Daily Life.


GP2X by EvilDragon OC's to 280-300MHz
May 10, 2006
GP2X Daily Use
Well my 4GB SD memory card works great and I use my GP2X almost every day, strangly for MP3's, but that makes sense as I can't Bust-A-Move at work, but I can listen to tunes.

My 9yo daughter loves playing games the most. She enjoys Wacky Worlds, Earthworm Jim, Sonic and other Genesis games. She likes thinking games, so Beats of Rage doesn't appeal to her.

Between her and myself I think we have murdered the 4 2400MAH batteries I bought for the GP2X already. They aren't charging right anymore. I have the power supply but I never get a chance to use it, and my eldest daughter needs to move about so... ah well. I need to get some new batteries.

GP2X Dev Scene
I'm talking with a friend from these boards about making a game. He's active in programming and still working on stuff.

Contact Me
If anyone wants to reach me, you can do so by e-mailing
tabletpcartist 4T gmail D0T com
If you can't read that miniscule amount of leet speak where the dot and the ampersand are, I can't help you. Wait I just did...

I plan on buying Payback. EvilDragon's video looks awesome!

Complaint about the Mic Jack
My only complaint is what idiot put the microphone jack on the top of the GP2X, when the carrying case has no hole for a microphone there? I have to put my GP2X in backwards and have the top sticking out the zipper portion, zip up the sides to keep it snug, and then everything works. Forget skipping songs, though *chuckles*

My New Computer
Read all about it!
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my poor gp2x is not being that used any more this year.
will try to use it soon.
the joystiq is broke(need a new one)
need new batteries and charger
nothing that exciting has caught my eye recently on the gp2x, will play once payback comes out
My GP2X has become my total source for gaming. I get my daily hit from it. Some days it will be homebrew, some days its mame or Picodrive, Drmd, etc. Sometimes a combination. My PS2 and Cube are gathering dust. :eek:
LoL, those people in payback either have extremely long legs, or they learned walking at the Chinese PLA...
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David - I used to think the headphone socket was in the wrong place. However, I played on my DS Lite with earphones the other day, i found that the lead was in the way at bottom of the unit. Not majorly, I admit, but enough to make me wish the socket was at the top like the GP2X!

Hope the LAN Party goes well tomorrow night!
ste_167 posted on Sep 20 2006 at 11:49 AM said:
Hope the LAN Party goes well tomorrow night!

Weird. I was two days out. I took yesterday afternoon off, but that was no reason for me to think that it was a Friday!
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