GP2X Multi-format Game Music Player?


What do you want?
Nov 10, 2004
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Yes, there are some players out there, but unified one would be... neat.

"I have written several libraries to assist with video game sound emulation, from basic band-limited synthesis to complete emulation and synthesis of music files. They are written in reasonably-portable C++ under the GNU Lesser General Public License."

"Game_Music_Emu is a collection of modules for building a game music file player; just add a user interface and sound driver.

* Can be used to make a multi-format or single-format player
* Supports Nintendo NSF, GameBoy GBS, Sega Master System VGM (PSG sound chip only), Sega Genesis GYM, and Super Nintendo SPC
* Effects module adds adjustable panning, echo, and reverb
* Modular structure allows elimination of unneeded features
* Includes efficient NES, GameBoy, and SNES SPC-700 CPU cores"

What ya think?

(Just copied and pasted my previous thread on the matter... Nobody took the bait back then, for GP32. Better luck this time? :) )

Or is there a linux player for such things, easily portable?
I'd kill, maybe even PAY for a program like this. :-D

To think of the amounts of game music you could fit on a SD card in their native formats... *drool*

BTW, I remember reading OSNES9x plays SPCs, but I've never tried it. Does it work and if so, how? Does it support RSN? Do you have to open each SPC manually?
The spc system works fine; you open each file like you would open a rom. The sound quality is superb :) . What I long for, though, is the gym player... :rolleyes:
Too bad. :-( Without sequential play, that feature is only a gimmick. I'll try it non-the-less though.

And as for the GYM-player: YES!! Castlevania and Sonic 1-3 and TJ&E and and and...
This sounds like a good project... I have this player i'm using right now called KuroNeko. I might be able to find the source (although from the looks of it, it was coded in VB :( ). But yeah if you can do this I would call you a god! I mean, FF6 SPCs? Castlevania NSFs? Sonic GYMs? nearly thousands on a 1 GB sd card...
even better then! I originally thought i was going to only set aside 100 MB for game music... but 50MB should be suitable...
Well most plugins have terrible innacurate sound, and nearly NONE exist for the ARM architecture.
(most are x86 with some ASM).

Too bad the GP2X was not an x86 SoC, a 400Mhz AMD Geode type with MMX and SSE.
Would make porting REAL easy... :p

MPlayer is being used for audio an video now right?

what about a XMMS port?