Most Worthy Sequels Of All Time


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Dec 28, 2006
So Dingoo & Pandora opened up the possibility of playing a load of retro games that I never got around to playing on thier original consoles. Some of them have been absolutely stonking. I remember reading about Road Rash II and Road Rash III on the Megadrive in magazines, but I didn't have the money at the time to invest in them. Having had the chance to play it, I would like to nominate it as the most worthy sequel of all time. My justification is this:

EA didn't f*ck about with the basic formula. Go through the levels, win races, make money, buy new bikes. What they did do, was make it much more brutal. In RR1, you could just about manage to get through races without getting in a fight. In RR2, people will come for you, even if you try and avoid them. The fights are also much longer and more intense.

Small flaws of the game: Complete change to the intro music (a remix of the original would have been much better) and a bizzar control sensitivity in 2player mode. It feels that pressing down on the controller for any given amount of time will move you exactly the same (screen) distance as it would in 1 player mode, despite the play area being much smaller.

Still, one of the best 1-player games I've ever come across. And always come back to it.

What's your nomination and why?
Ok - a sequel of a sequel here but think it deserves a mention.

Beast 3 on Amiga - Shadow of the Beast original was amazing from a graphics and music point of view but was waaaay too difficult. SOTB2 also looked and sounded amazing, but had a few issues where if you did not do something in a particular order it was 'start again' .. was also mega hard to complete! Beast 3 however, while still a difficult game, still looked and sounded incredible, but it was also relatively fair. If you died you probably did something wrong!!

It's my favourite sequel as it took the great looks and sounds of the first two games and finally added some much needed gameplay that worked :)
Metroid Prime is quite possibly the best 2D->3D transition I have ever seen. The game play and visuals all add up to make me think "this is what Metroid would have been like if they had been 3D from the start." If the character and story had been new and original, I would have played it and thought "this reminds me a lot of Super Metroid, but in 3D", unlike Mario 64 which I discussed in the other thread.
I would say zelda oot is the best sequel to zleda lttp

Both are the best zelda games imho and both are back to back...

But I'm sure you've played them already :p