Least Worthy Sequel Of All Time


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Dec 28, 2006
In completely the opposite direction of my other topic, and really because I've never had the chance to really, properly vent my despair at my nomination, I'd like to start a discussion about the least worthy sequel of all time.

I absolutely loved NiGHTS into Dreams on the Sega Saturn. It was a beautifully made game with a bizzare playing style that really captured me. It was a 'nice' game. There was no mallace about it. It was a 'pick up and play' game. If you had 5 minutes to kill you could redo any level you had previously cleared, trying to get a better grade. You always found yourself setting yourself little targets... see how many links you could score in any one section, see how many tricks you could do after going through the big colourful bobbly ring. Flying around the world just gave you a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

Years down the line, having sold my Saturn and, much later, purchased a Dreamcast, I was reminded of NiGHTS into Dreams as you saw a high resolution animation of the first world when playing the pinball level of Sonic Adventure. I searched the internet to see if a Dreamcast version had been made. The Dreamcast had already been discontinued by the time I purchased it, so if it hadn't been made by this point it never would.

No such luck. I remember reading somewhere that the creator of NiGHTS had said that there would NEVER be a sequel, as the gameplay was perfect in the original and all that could be improved would be the graphics. I agreed. Still a nice hi-res version would have been nice. What, then, after making comments such as that, what.... I mean what the HELL is NiGHTS, Journey of Dreams all about?

If you had the perfect game, why on earth f*ck about with it in such an appalling way? I read the Wikipedia article. I read that reception had been mixed. However the most critical review quoted was from IGN, wo scored the game a 6.5/10, saying it was only for die hard fans of the original.

B*lls*!t. As something of a self-considered die hard fan, I went out and bought the game shortly after purchasing my Wii. After having to wade through about half an hour of story, which could not be skipped, I finally got to play the first level. The enforced story was depressing enough but once I was in the NiGHTS world all would be fine, right? Wrong. The entire concept of the game is different. This time you're chasing some bird for a key. Once you've completed the first section of the first level, you are then forced to hear a load more un-interruptible story before you have to go to the second round which is some kind of bubble bursting round. After 2 or 3 failed attempts I was unwilling to try and complete the task and thus unable to proceed any further into the game.

I came home so excited. And went to bed that NiGHT a crushed man.

What is your tale of disappointment? Nominate here. Then jump to the most worthy sequel of all time thread to cheer yourself up a bit!
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zacaj said:
SMB2: Whatisgoingonijumpedonthebadguyandnowimridingonhishead!!?!?!??

Hahahaha :D

I can't think of many sequels that I really hated in comparison to the original... Streets Of Rage 3 wasn't great, worse music than the second and uninspired level design. It wasn't terrible though, and I'm not sure if sequels of sequels count ;)
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sure sequels of sequels count! and their sequels, and their sequel's sequels :)

But yea 'just not being that good' doesn't count. It's gotta be something that did the original an injustice.
zacaj said:
SMB2: Whatisgoingonijumpedonthebadguyandnowimridingonhishead!!?!?!??
SMB2:US was not a true sequel and blah blah blah.

In the vein of unworthy sequels, I like to consider Mario 64. It was a good game, quite enjoyable, but the gameplay itself was such a sharp turn from previous games (a life bar now, and no grow mushrooms? What is this I don't even). Mario's first foray into 3D did not carry across the feel of a Mario game in 3D: if it had been an entirely new character, not related to Mario at all, it still would have been an enjoyable game, and I don't feel anyone would have said "this should have been a Mario game."
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Final Fantasy X-2. It's just sacrilege.
I don't even own a PS2 and I'm horrified by the mere idea of its existence.