Monster hunter PSP emu playable?




Recently ordered 1ghz Pandora, and I am interested how well PSP emulation works with Monster hunter series on Pandora, but have not find any info in that.

Can anyone give me some information, if this game is playable on Pandora?

Check the ppsspp website (forum). If there is nothing there try it on your computer, set it to low settings (e.g original render resolution, for example) and check how much it strains your CPU. Depending on your CPU (for much faster than Pandora's it is), but if the strain is very light then it will probably work on the Pandora similar to the PC version.
I've checked it for ye, Mr Guest_Adventurer. The monster hunter games are not very playable at the moment. 

FPS is around 10 to 15 with the lowest setting at 1.2ghz. 

It's what you would expect anyway. There are many more things you can do with your pandora; have a good day.
OK, thanks for the information!

Well, that means I will still use PSP or Vita for this game, however, with given information it means, that Phyra will probably be able to handle this game normally :)

If I would be ordering Phyra just for Monster hunter, I would asked this question first, the reason is different - I have a collectioj of all types of compact gadgets, starting from HP 200lx, different Windows CE gadgets, two Psion devices, Toshiba libretto, vaio ux, fujitsu uh 900, umid m1 and more, so this will be another interesting gadget to play with...
The correct spelling of the daughter of Pandora and Epimetheus is Pyrrha, by the way, with the h after the rs.
Thanks for the spelling lesson and this has been pointed out plenty already, but Pyra is what was chosen.  
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