Release Minimenu Preview Beta For You To Try!

yeah, I can see nbeing in Other with a stack of apps and pushing them around could be annoying :)

I put it on my to-do list to try and keep current tab across app-refreshes, but I'll do it for hf6. (I'm operaitng in the idea that I'll fix bugs with current stuff, but not add new things per se, until release. No point in holding up hf5 any more :)

So your thought is rather than having to go through and hide all subcats (and if you have more than 2 SD cards, it could be a drag to cycle through them all), just an option 'do not register apps against subcats at all'? If so, I can maybe add it to my todo list.

EDIT: FIXED IT so please ignore. Had to run Gparted from another card, unmount the busted EXT3 partition and run a check disc. I just love Pandoras durability, though I do hate the fragility of SD cards in general.

Hi Skeezix,

I just hit a weird issue with your mmenu_beta_installer_20110201.pnd thats stopped my SD card installation from booting :blink: and I'm wondering if you know of any fix?

I'd just got the XFCE side of things all nicely set-up on a 32gb card with HF4 and decided to update minimenu.

I ran the installer from the desktop but it didn't prompt for a password as it normally does and after some SD light activity had ceased, I launched minimenu. Seemed fine but when i cached previews, it crashed out. On rebooting (auto or boot.txt) the Pandora logo comes up and then it just blackscreens with zero SD activity.

I found this reference of yours http://boards.openpa...dpost__p__30017 about deleting a ~/.mmprefs.conf file from the home dir but the Pandora cannot mount the EXT3 root fs partition whilst booting from the NAND install now and as I run Windows :wacko: , I cant access the EXT3 from my desktop either :(

Any fix other than another re-install to SD?

(I shall probably jump to HF5 as it sounds like minimenu has had loads more great additions anyway, judging from the last pages of this thread :) )
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