Mega GP international


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Mar 3, 2003
i am sure i read about this somewhere but now forgotten where. Is it true it is being planned for a release a the end of this month?

if it is true, do you think they will sell moviepark, would make it much easier for me to order if it did, due to the fact I only got a crappy solo card and a crappy nochex account
end of april i believe, called JoyGP

youll have to wait and see for moviepark :D
just as long as it has moviepark on I am happy, I am sure i can find a way of getting moviepark then:)
MegaGP is a website run by gamepark that lets you download games for a fraction of the boxed price, but it only works for people in Korea, JoyGP is what they are going to call the international verdion of the site