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May 15, 2004

Im selling a media center 2005 euqipped pc it is based on the mini -itx form factor and has a really small foot print.


epia m 1ghz
256mb ram
120gb hard drive
dual layer dvd writer
benq wireless mouse and keyboard
cables for connecting to hi fi system or tv

this is the ideal living room pc and it is only a lil bigger than a gamecube near silent connects to any tv and comes with a wireless keyboard so you can chill on the sofa with no wires.

I use this with a haupage pvr 250 which allows me to watch record and pause tv i also use it to record movies to dvd, im afraid this isn't included as i need it still.

However you can purchase another cheaper tv card if you wish.

Everything is practically brand new and comes with all original packaging and boxes.

High Res photos on request.

BTW for those linux literate check out to turn this into a fully fledged PVR
Dozer posted on Feb 28 2005 at 11:26 PM said:
Sounds like a great deal! Even just for parts that's a cracker. I don't have the cash to spare though :(.tch

i know wish i didn't have to sell it :( but i need money for a vga card can u believe i aint even played doomn 3 yet?

ill put the pics after i catch sum sleep
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