Mame Rom Management


Internal Development
Mar 4, 2004
Is there a utility that you can use to filter and get only the ROMs that you want on your card? Right now if you happen to get some of those sets that are around it will give you tons of redundant ROMs.

I really don't need 20 different clones, bootlegs, hacks, Japanese, Chinese, World, European, US, and 12 revisions of "Arkanoid" etc. Just one would be fine. It makes going through the list in MAME a pain, and wastes card space. I know the MAME team did alot of weird things such as you need two versions to get the game to work. This makes it even more confusing as you can't just go and delete everything except the main ROM.

Are there any good utilities to help with this?
I use RomCenter - I think it's v2.71 which isn't the latest version but is easier to use.

You can filter on parent ROMs I believe and it's very useful for converting/renaming ROMs to the correct version of MAME.

Also, PalmMAME is exactly the same version as MAME4ALL and the author, Vilmos spent some time organizing it so that only Parent ROMs (no clones) are supported. So... If you can get your hands on it's ROM set then you are right to go (ie. no clones) - if you see what I mean <_<
If you know what you are doing, you can also use RomCenter to remove Neo Geo and CPS1 and 2 roms from your MAME set. Saves lots of space. You can then use the other dedicated emulators for these.