Making a Backlight


Still Fresh
May 22, 2003
Ok i was bored and i was looking around the internet at some randomsites
and eventually i landed at this site that talks about modifying an lcd for back lighting.
(even though it already had one to begin with)
but what i was wondering was, couldn't it be possible to make a backlight
with just 2 white light leds on the sides? we would probably need something
like piece of plastic as a light guide but it seems kinda possible to me.
tell me what you think :D
it seems really so simple :) ...if you succeed in putting these little pals in the gp be sure to tell us....

btw i'm hoping more than ever ( back light kit doesnt seems to see the...LIGHT:) :p ) to have a low cost lit gp32.... great search ( and finding..)...what a poor english than mine... :unsure:
It´s not possible add this two leds at the sides of the screen, there´s no space where fix it. The place in where you can put the two leds is betwen the "cristal" cover screen and LCD, but you will see that is no "nice" design.
In this Website you can find LCD frontlights to light :) the Lcd screens of some devices like Palm tops, cell phones and Handhelds. I´m trying contact them, but I´m waiting the reply.
I´ll do a tutorial of how to add this device to the GP32
elkesabe :) ! ! let us know when the manufacturer of backlit lcd screen answer could be nice to get a solutions from this side of the ( hand held computer :D ) world ( every side in fact :p )