GPD Win - issue with DPAD controls


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Jan 12, 2011
Strasbourg, France
I'm experiencing the same issue as described here: left shoulder button stops working in mouse mode when DPAD is used. The advice given in the thread is to switch to either Joystick mode (called Dinput in the manual) or X-Box control mode (Xinput), but I couldn't get these modes to work properly.

For example, in Aquaria I can map controls to actions in mouse mode, but when I switch to Dinput, the DPAD (mapped to WSAD in mouse mode) stops working completely. I cannot map DPAD buttons to any actions at all. Shoulder buttons do work in this mode, I get them recognized as Joy_6 and Joy_7 I believe.

Xinput mode won't work with Aquaria at all.

Did someone manage to get controls working properly, and could this mysterious someone walk me though the process? Not necessarily with Aquaria, Unreal, Fallout or Half-life will do as well.