Loose hinges after dropping it


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Jun 3, 2010

My pandora was accidentally dropped on the floor. 

Seemingly, all it did was rebooting, but I also noticed that the screen hinges turned at but more loose.  I can still have it in pretty much all angles except that now when i tilt certain angles or moves it around, the screen flips to the 190 degree open state really easily which is quite annoying :(

Did anyone else out there get this?

Is it fixable somehow? (I'd consider DIY tips first but I'd also like to look into other alternatives like sending it in for a repair.)

Thanks! :)
Well, this behaviour you describe is actually the normal behaviour of the hinge. If you can make it stay on any angle this is a bonus, but the normal positions are closed and fully open.

So no, i have no clue what you could do except for hacking in a dshinge or trying hmc's solution, which means gluing the hinge to another resting level.
so the pandora is actually not meant to be able to stay open at say a 45 degree angle or what? :eek:

Isn't it a bit impractical to only have it open or at 180 degrees?
Mine is an original CC Pandora from early 2011, and my screen stays open at any angle (I never use it fully open at 180 degrees) - I put this down to having put a 1.5cm-ish wide strip of clear adhesive vinyl (the stuff you buy in large rolls in stationery shops to protect school books) across the seam at the base of the screen.

When you close the pandora, at the back you'll see this (sometimes uneven) seam where the bezel meets the back of the screen, my vinyl strip is across the full length of that - attached so that I stuck it to the front (bezel side) first, and pulled it tight as I attached it to the back side - this was originally to prevent any cracks forming (none have) and to stop it scuffing against the keyboard side as it opens, but it seems to have helped keep the hinge action pretty tight too.

It might be worth a try, but maybe if it's already loose it will have minimal effect.
The hinge snaps in at 180° so this is its normal position. You get used to that. I only use it at that position.

But this is just a question of preference.

The hinge is NOT designed to stay open on every angle, so this still is no real defect.