Pandora dead after drop from table


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Mar 4, 2012
Hi all,

I think my Pandora is beyond forum help at this point but I thought I'd post here so people in similar situations can benefit and everyone can comment.

I've had my Pandora for just over 3 months now (mid March 2012). I was generally happy with my purchase aside from some minor build quality issues with the case (uneven surface for keyboard typing, honky battery lid and A button ...). I just recently upgraded to the final Super Zaxxon and everything...

Anyhow today my pandora was happily running while being charged on top of a table. An unfortunate tug of the power table caused it to fall off the table. Right then I checked the unit and it was still running although screen was dead. After rebooting the unit, got the same problem. The power led comes on, the screen flickers very dimly but never comes on EVER again....

I figured the LED cable might have come loose or something so I fearfully opened up the unit to check on it. Nothing seemed wrong but I noticed it one of the components seems loose (though still connected) from the board (it's a small part on the far right side of the unit - same location as the d-pad if you view it from the front) and that also has me worried. See attached picture below for look inside...

If anyone has any tips, I'd appreciate it! Otherwise, for lack of a RMA email address, I'll be emaling ED on how to proceed to get a repair or replacement unit (maybe even a 1Ghz unit if that doesn't cost much more).


2012-07-01 16.29.29.jpg
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As long as the part still has contact (even if it is loose), it might still work.

What I can see from that picture is that the LCD Cable is not inserted properly - it's sitting too high.

This might be the issue.

Apart from that, I'm sure we can fix it. If something is broken, it really only should be the part you mentioned, and that's a pretty cheap one.
Thanks for the quick replies, guys! Unfortunately trying to adjust the LCD cable is getting me no where (same results) and that loose part actually detached from the PCB completely so it's looking like a better idea to send it over. :(
That part belongs with the backlight circuit. You won't see anything without it. I wouldn't consider it too hard to replace myself, but if you have no experience soldering, then you would have to send it in for repair. It sounds like your board is still okay if it boots (not that you can see much other than LEDs lighting up) and re-attaching this part will return the unit to normal (and after re-seating the LCD cable).
Yes, no soldering experience here and I'm not very handy dealing with small parts either so I'm definitely sending it to ED. Since I'm also in Germany, it shouldn't take too long.


p.s. I suppose I wont ship with the battery, or do you need it back in case we go for a replacement unit?
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You could try, if you see something on the screen when you shine at it with a flashlight or something. That should confirm, if the backlight is out. As Mweston said, you of course need to reseat the lcdcable beforehand.
Tried that along with the best my clumsy hands could do with the lcdcable - no hint of a picture to be seen. There's no noticeable activity going on except for the power on led and the occasional audio amplifier "boing" sound. Thanks anyway...
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If you get the boing sound, then the unit has booted up.

It's most probably that part, and it should be a cheap fix, especially as you're living in Germany and shipping costs won't be high :)
Thanks ED. Just shipped it to you as a insured DHL package. It should arrive in a couple of days.
Again with the awesome customer service.

If this had been an Apple product they would have charged a ridiculous sum of money to get it fixed or made you buy a new one.

I know that the team is very busy and I wasn't expecting a fast resolution but, it would be nice to get a ETA on this or just a status update. I know the unit was received at ED's place over two weeks ago now...

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One month and counting since the unit was received at ED's and still no updates... :(
He has been on vacation for a while and just got back this week. Did you PM or email him about the status? He generally responds quickly.
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Thanks for the tip! I've pretty much given up on email. I've seen much better better response times over the forum (PM or otherwise). Last I've heard from ED was on July 19th with no real status. I think it's been hard for him to get it back on his radar after he got back...
Yes , Ed is always good about answering his PM's , that is the way I always go..

Also, yes the customer service with the OP team is Excellent :)
Some real developments at last as, after almost 2 and a half months, I finally have my unit back!

I updated straight away to Super Zaxxon Final and everything seems fine with the little testing I've done so far. I asked ED or Askarus to comment on what the fix was but no info so far. One thing I noticed without having to look inside though is that the WiFi MAC is different than before so that's new.

Another thing is that I got no notice from ED that he was actually sending the unit back and I don't know what happened to my request about possibly getting a platinum case. That's a little disappointing but, I'm glad to have the unit back!