Release Leeko (scene demo)


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Jan 8, 2009
I'm back with a new release Leeko a demo produced by Fit group and presented at Assembly '03 where it ranked 3rd.
This Pandora port is based on one of the latest release of glshim by Ptitseb. Sources are included in PND.

Please clock you Pandora at a minimum of 800Mhz, before running this demo, otherwise it will be slow.

Also some effect are not present on this release (like some text not bumping at music it should on other machine where i executed this demo...mostly x86 PC) and sometime the red floor is not visible when the lego man is walking...i don't know why.

Please test and report your experience with this demo (specially on 1GHZ Pandora that i don't own)...and if you want help me fix this, you are welcome.

For now enjoy.:p&|a:


I didn't notice either of the glitches you mentioned on my 1GHz Pandora (at 1100MHz). I noticed the inside of the lego pieces are black, as can be seen in the screenshot above, and that it's something of a slideshow in some of the scenes, but other than those slight niggles this ran well and had good music, thanks!
Thanks for testing and i'm with you that is a very nice demo to watch :cool:
The inside of lego bricks that are black i didn't noticed before...but here i don't know for sure ..maybe is another thing to fix for glshim (@ptitSeb)

I experimented with glshim options and enabling batch mode speed things up a bit ...but i always have the red floor disappear in the scene when the lego man walking..
Demo's! I love demo's... where is my pandy....
Looks very good on 1Ghz. Only one part where it goes a little slower. (where it zooms out, shows a grid of lego and starts rotating colors)