LCD controller kit [RPi question]


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Mar 9, 2010
I'm looking to get one of these kits:

To use with a Raspberry Pi.

Hooking up I imagine will be fairly simple, as the Rpi can just connect via HDMI.

What I would like to do though, is have a single point of power for both the RPi and this LCD board.

Would this require some soldering/bridge to achieve this?

Or does anyone know of another solution which could be easier? I'm not experienced with soldering unfortunately.

I was thinking of ripping apart an old netbook I have gathering dust, to get the LCD from that, but I then thought getting the correct parts of cable and the power from the main board might be a bit tricky.

These kits seem pretty simple, so looking at this option.

I plan to put the Rpi and this LCD into a little box, with a joystick and 4 buttons, just to use for some MAME.

Any help with the shutting down appreciated, if I could just press that LCD power button and have it shutdown the Pi too, that would be ideal ... but I don't know how