LCD cables stock

Umm... why don't you just check the order status in the shop?

You should've also gotten a shipped eMail ;)
Well, we're often handling about 10 - 15 orders per day, so I don't remember everyone, especially not with only the member name on the boards ;)
Just a question:  How long does it take an order from Dragonbox Shop in Germany to reach United States (New Jersey)?  I placed my order on January 23 22, but haven't' seen the package yet.  I used Signed Mail so couldn't track where the package is currently.  Dragonbox Shop only shows the day the package went out of the shop.
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Different, I've seen it arrive within 5 days, sometimes it takes 3 weeks.

Mainly depends on how fast / slow the local postal service and customs are.
Does warranty cover LCD cable? I kind of just ordered one, but haven't had the new unit all that long, maybe should have asked first...
Assuming you didn't damage it while dismantling/modding your pandora, yes.

I think this extends well beyond to mandatory 1 year warranty since many old LCD cables are unreasonably fragile
Ed, it's mid-week now (if you know what I mean :D ).  Can you put up the platinum cases, black cases, lcd cables so I can order them?  Thanks!