Latest Payback Video

subcon959 posted on Sep 12 2006 at 12:23 PM said:
Has anyone seen this yet?

It looks stunning. :eek:

Agreed. So polished and fast. I'm really impressed, I'd like to see another rolling demo though, (or.. *gasp* a playable demo) so I know that's not recorded on a 300mhz overclock. ;)
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That is looking great, but a hearty "lol" at that Shout Out rap track.

"Kill a nigga or a fine-ass ho. Shout out!"

Please do better with the rap or don't put it in at all. D:
I could swear I heard that when the Shout Out track was playing. Listening again..

Edit: So it's "Shot Out" and "TO a nigga or a fine-ass ho." Still bad. Whatever, I guess that's the best they could do as far as licensing music. If the game is awesome, it isn't even going to matter.
hehe why does the voice sound like arnold schwarzenegger...
the gameplay looks real sweet, i'm just wishing for a different soundtrack. maybe that arnold-sound-alike can sing us something?
The first video didn't catch my eye and I thought that I would probably never end up paying for retail gp2x games, but I think I might have to buy this when it's released, as long as the price is right ;)
I dunno .. the voiceover seems pretty lame to me .. not very professional-sounding.

Since when do you hear germans say "ain't", anyway? Next time, hire someone from the street to give your thugs a voice, not some damned yuppy scum-sounding chimp ..

This is kind of funny; there's a German voice using British vernacular (go and nick it!) in a game that's a parody of American crime games ... complete with African-American music ... that's quite a mix. That said, the framerate is pretty impressive, even though the visuals are fairly simple and it's mostly just fancy texturing. I hope that's not with a huge overclock, though.
doesnt this mean the voices will be diffrent when the full game is realesed?

"A lot of speech is still missing in this version (the final version has FULLY DUBBED ENGLISH SPEECH!)"

taken from the gp32x file archive

but besides that i think it looks great and will defonatly get a copy when it its realeased
techFreak posted on Sep 12 2006 at 09:27 AM said:
I've uploaded this video to You Tube.


Not necessary, as I put an uncensored version of the video (with more blood) up there yesterday already ;)

It's here :)
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