Installing Payback Demo


Still Fresh
Oct 6, 2006
I am quite new to this GP2X thing. Loving it though!!! I have success in using MD/MS emulators, and MAME, but some reason I have had no luck in installing the Payback demo.

If anyone can help with a step by step guide it would be appreciated...

copy the payback folder to your sd card, and reate a link to the .gpe file inside that folder. Im assuming you are using gmenu2x, if not you should :D
just unzip the file from the archive, and drag and drop the folder onto your sd card, find it in the game section adn select the gpe and it should work
BTW, you might want to transfer it over an SD card reader, as the gp2x is occasionally unreliable for large transfers.
true, if you dont have a card reader get one (their cheap)
many thanks. i think i was trying to overcomplicate matters! works now, but all the cars, trees and people are black shadows. Strange?!
Try re-downloading and unzipping it on to your SD again. Corrupt downloads can happen, but it's more likely that the GP2X was disconnected whilst the transfer was in progress or the files weren't written properly. If you're using Windows XP, you can Safely Remove the device to ensure it's all written.