Payback Confusion


May 19, 2006
Plymouth, Devon
I am confused to the status of Payback . No one seems to be talking about it much. Unless I have missed so many pages.

I paid for it last week but it's not turned up yet. There doesn't seem to be much fanfare with it considering the amount of people who wanted it a few months back. No one has done a review...dont ask me I write bollocks.

Payback is an excellent showcase for the gp2x and has some great effects. I know some people wont appreciate this style of game but seeing as I am in my 30's I have a handle on real life and love inflicting extreme violence on virtual characters.

So my question is does anyone actually have the full version?
After email, they are shipping this week !

So you sould receive sometime l8ter
I didn't want to start a new topic, so I'll just post this here. Does anyone know how to 'use' the hovercraft in the millitary base, the one in the little niche attached to the parking space where the tank is placed? The Y-button fails to hijack it :(

- Alex
craig seems to enjoy giving us vague or misleading info. yeah apex designs made it clear that the game still was not finished when the demo was released.

and i'm still waiting for a download shop for gp2x games cause i'm not paying that much for a gp2x game and i want everything on one sd card.