Just bought a GP32 off ebay. One issue though...


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Jun 11, 2019
As the title says, I just bought a GP32 (yay!). However, the seller says the following about it:

Cette console est NOS new old stock.
Elle date de 2001. c est une marque coréenne.
On insère des cartouches pour jouer. Elle est aussi beaucoup utilisée pour l émulation, car elle est parfaite pour ca. Je l ai allumé une fois mais l écran ne s allume pas.
Le probleme de ces consoles est qu' apres plusieurs mois sans les mettre en marche, leur memoire vive s'efface et donc l interface de l ecran ne s allume plus, malgres que la console s allume.
Il faut la flasher via internet.
Pour amateur
Envoi dans un colis très bien protégé dans les 10 jours après la fin de la vente

This is an old console from 2001. It s a Corean manufacturer.
It s new brand console.
There re cartridge games but it s loved for its emulation.
I just powered on once but the display doesn't switch on. The cause is the RAM gets erased after longtime without powering it on.
You just must flash it via internet
Postage in registered mail

Le 02-mai-19 à 07:59:20 Paris, le vendeur a ajouté les informations suivantes :

Please be aware that the screen doesn't switch on, despite the console is powered on.
The RAM got erased. You must search in the internet how to flash it!!! I'm selling the console without cartridge

Je tiens encore á préciser que l'écran ne s'allume pas malgrès que la console soit allumée.
Vous devez regarder sur internet comment flasher la memoire vive.. Je ne suis pas un spécialiste.
Vendu sans cartouche.

Does anyone know what the seller might mean? My GP32 won't arrive for about two weeks.


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Jan 15, 2004
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A GP32 without the memorycard won't do anything (like the first Gameboy).
You need the SMD (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SmartMedia) of max 128MB with games on them, those you could download somewhere.

If after starting with SMD the machine still doesn't display anything there might be something else wrong, I don't think all cause are known yet thus fixable.

Did you get one with backlight (BLU) / Frontlight (FLU), else you don't see the unit powering on (except the power LED?).


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Jun 11, 2019
Here is the listing: ebay.us/mPRElP

It says it's a BLU unit.

I'll order a SMD, thanks! Do you think that was the issue he's talking about?

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