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    New Owner - Video out possible?

    Hi, After a long journey I’m a GP32 owner. Has anyone ever successfully modded one for video out? Would love to hear what needs to be done or any theories about what may work. Appreciate the guidance and I’m sure I’ll be around poking for knowledge!
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    List of games that support English?

    Is there a definitive list of games that support English on the GP32? I can't seem to find one. I saw that the gingko girl has an unofficial translation (*yarn*). Are there any others?
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    Just bought a GP32 off ebay. One issue though...

    As the title says, I just bought a GP32 (yay!). However, the seller says the following about it: Does anyone know what the seller might mean? My GP32 won't arrive for about two weeks.
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    gp32 Battery Cover

    My GP32 battery cover broke at the clip. Does anyone know if there are replacements available or 3d printer files to build one?
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    SmashGP Full Pack 2016-03-29

    Full pack containing all the SmashGP files needed to play and more! This is for the PSP v0.2b version, to use with GP32 copy the contains into your GPMM folder. You can find the GP32 version at, This pack has 12 characters all with...
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    Stage: Snag the Trophies v1.5

    A stage based on Snag the Trophies from Melee is now in SmashGP.
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    Character: Rock Howard v1.5

    My favorite character in SmashGP. He originally had sounds but not for all his moves, so I've added more and he sounds even better than before. Enjoy!
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    Character: Lloyd v1.5

    Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia for SmashGP, now with sounds
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    Character: Michael Jackson v1.5

    Michael Jackson with a new sound pack.
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    Character: Sonic the Hedgehog v1.5

    Made by MrPropre back in 2005, also as a resource on this site. I went ahead and updated the sounds with Sonic's voice so he talks now with some of the original sounds in the older version too.
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    12 Stage Pack plus Making Stages Package 2016-02-29

    12 new stages include Final Destination 2, Mario, Michael Jackson's Club, Windy Valley, Marble Zone 2, Launch Base Zone 2, Midgar, Flat Zone, Pokemon Stadium 2, Don Vito's House, Battlefield 2, and Great Fox. All stages have preview pics to them so you'd have an idea how the stage looks ingame...
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    5 Stage Pack 2016-02-05

    This pack contains 5 newly made stages for SmashGp. Stages include Battlefield, Final D., Marble, Ice, and Launch Zones.